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With over three decades of heritage in the energy and transportation sectors, BlueForce is uniquely positioned to lead the Canadain market in sustainable energy and transportation solutions. Our founders and team of experts are specialized in delivering accessible, customized, and scalable EV conversions, battery storage systems, and renewable energy ecosystems. By blending superior service with standardized affordability, BlueForce's robust supply chain and industry experience enables client's to confidently realize projects of any scale, emphasizing innovation, reliability, and economic viability.


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EV Conversions
for Every Need
At BlueForce, our passion for EV conversion is unmatched, transforming gas-powered vehicles into state-of-the-art electric models. This transformation extends across a diverse range of vehicles, from sleek, light passenger cars to robust, heavy-duty machines. Our conversion process meticulously tailors each vehicle to meet specific needs, ensuring a seamless blend of efficiency, performance, and sustainability. We pride ourselves in providing solutions that redefine the driving experience, catering to both individual preferences and larger-scale transportation requirements.
By supporting a sustainable living style with efficient, tailored EV and solar energy ecosystem, BlueForce’s residential solutions enhance the quality of consumers, neighbourghoods, and communities.
BlueForce’s Commercial Solutions offer businesses and organizations eco-friendly fleet conversions and energy systems which will reduce costs and carbon footprints.
Our Industrial Solutions deliver high-capacity energy solutions, optimizing performance and cutting expenses in challenging environments.

Our Mission

Sustainable Innovation for a Greener Canada

Our mission at BlueForce is to lead with innovative energy solutions that redefine the norms of sustainability. From converting existing vehicles to electric powerhouses to developing advanced energy systems, we embrace a future where every Canadian has access to clean, efficient energy.

Our Vision

A Cleaner, Greener Tomorrow

Envisioning a Canada where every energy interaction is sustainable, BlueForce is committed to being a catalyst in the country’s energy transition. We see a future where our solutions significantly reduce the carbon footprint, paving the way for a cleaner, more environmentally responsible society.
Our Products and Services

Discover our range of products and services designed for a sustainable future: EV conversions, high-performance batteries, advanced Battery Energy Storage systems, efficient EV chargers, and state-of-the-art charging stations.

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Holistic Energy Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of energy solutions, including EV conversions, battery technology, and renewable energy systems.

Local and Global Expertise

Our team, drawing from global knowledge, delivers innovative solutions tailored to Canada's unique landscape.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Join us in our engine recycling initiative, contributing to Canada's sustainable future.

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Become part of the BlueForce community, benefiting from exclusive offers and dedicated support.

Case Study BlueForce

Discover our range of products and services designed for a sustainable future: EV conversions, high-performance batteries, advanced EBS systems, efficient EV chargers, and state-of-the-art charging stations.

Project: Distributed Energy Management System on Island

Island near Vancouver, BC

Project: Yantai Penglai International Airport Baggage Tractors EV Conversion

Yantai, Shandong, China

YVR partners with Province to test made-in-B.C. clean technologies and advance net zero goal